Draco Felis


Draco Felis, based just outside Orlando, Florida, provides a range of services to the creative and media industries. 

Or, more informally...

We're creative people who like working with creative people. We have a wide range of skills and we're passionate about every project we get involved in. 

We've worked together since 2008, and in that time we've worked with amazing artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, publishers and games designers from Florida and around the world. 

We've worked with everything from children's books to burlesque shows, educational software, and sign manufacturing. One day we're lecturing university film students in Ohio, the next day you could find us running a belly dancing show, shooting a video about comics, or editing an e-book about making jerky. 

We never know quite what the next project will bring, and that's the way we like it.  Many of our conversations with  our clients start off, "This may sound a little strange, but could you...?"

If that sounds like you or your project, give us a call or send us an email. 

Contact us

Tel: 407.252.4913 / 407.965.6205
Email: info@dracofelis.com

Draco Felis 



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Anna "Maiya" Young Kelland

Anna has over 15 years experience in managing events and curating art venues. These have ranged from fine art galleries to live body art shows, dance performances, corporate entertainment and local events. 

Anna is also an artist working in mixed media, and is producing a multimedia graphic novel, Fas Ferox, with best-selling author Neil Gaiman as creative consultant.

Matt Kelland

Matt has been an entrepreneur for 15 years, and has been a co-founder of successful businesses as diverse as UK Online, the first commercial ISP in Britain, and nGame, the first mobile phone games publisher/developer. In 2005 he co-founded Moviestorm, a ground-breaking virtual movie studio in Cambridge, UK. In 2010, after moving to the US, he co-founded digital media publisher Hukilau, based in Los Angeles, and in 2012 he co-founded e-book specialists GC Digitype, based in New York.

Matt's passion is finding new ways to use emerging technology in creative fields.  He is an experienced writer, speaker, and trainer, and is used to working on all aspects of a business from product design to marketing. He has worked as journalist, editor, & publisher in both traditional and online magazines, and has designed many games, including the BAFTA-nominated Merchant Princes. Matt was also principal author of Machinima (2005).