Draco Felis

Other projects

Writing & journalism

Matt has been a writer, reviewer and editor for over 20 years, covering topics as diverse as politics, technology, books, films, games, sports, gardening, religion, travel, food, and self-help.

Articles of any length written to order, fully optimized for search engines, and including links to your site or external sites as required. We can handle pretty much any subject - recent clients have included real estate lawyers, signage companies, comic retailers, book publishers and technology companies.

Product and book reviews of any length on almost any subject.

Book or article editing, proof-reading and fact-checking. (Non-fiction only)

Teaching & public speaking

Matt is equally happy working with video, creating written material, broadcasting or working directly with people.

Matt has been a guest lecturer at schools, colleges and universities in the US and UK, teaching digital media, entrepreneurship, filmmaking and game design. He has also spoken at many conferences throughout Europe and America and has appeared on numerous podcasts, radio shows, and television.

Training videos
Tutorial videos using both animation and live presentation.

Books & manuals
Our easy-to-read style and approach is ideal for introducing complex concepts. Matt's educational books on filmmaking and ebook production include:

Creative media

We are proficient with a wide range of media, and we work fast. When you need something quick and affordable, we can create flyers, videos, or graphics.

Graphic design

We've done book covers, promotional brochures, ads, and business cards.

Short, low-budget animations for a variety of purposes. Recent work includes cut-scenes for a Spanish game company, student resources a British educational trust, in-house training materials and commercials.

Video doesn't have to be an expensive production, We've shot video promos for music festivals, tech companies and retailers. We usually go from start to finish in a day.

Marketing & Promotion

Between us, we've promoted software, hotels, books, games, films, events, artists, bands, and charities.

Social media
Do you need someone to operate your Facebook page or Twitter account for you? Or do you just need some advice on what tools to use, how often to post, or what sort of topics to cover? We've been working with online marketing for large and small companies and for individuals since the Web was born.

Web site design
Easy, fast Web site creation for those who don't need anything fancy. If you want something you can maintain yourself, we'll build it for you and show you how to update it.

Street teams
Sometimes you just need people on the street handing out material. We can make that happen for you. For special events we can arrange costumed marketing - superheroes and game characters are our specialty!