Draco Felis

E-book services: conversion, editing & publishing

Since 2009, Matt's primary focus has been digital publishing. His experience in this field dates back to the early 1990s, and he has worked as a publisher of books, magazines, and online content as well as having his own work published in various media.

The E-book HandbookHe co-founded pioneering digital publishing house Hukilau, which was one of the first to offer digital-only fiction and non-fiction through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple. He co-founded digital conversion house Grand Central Digital Typesetting which provides QA and conversion services to publishers, and is an advisor to The Bookshop House, which provides assistance to self-publishers.

Matt is author of The E-book Handbook, a publisher's guide to successful digital publishing, which covers all aspects of e-books from marketing to technology.

E-book conversion

We offer fast, high quality conversion to ePub and mobi from PDF, Word or other sources.  

We have converted over 250 e-books, ranging from short fiction to academic texts, cookbooks and self-help books.

Everything is tested on a wide range of devices to ensure that your book looks as good as possible on Kindles, Nooks, tablets, phones, etc.

"Thanks for your patience, attention to detail, and also for your speed!"
TNB Publishing

 Assistance to self-publishers

We can help you with all aspects of getting your e-books published.

  • Cover design
  • Editorial
  • E-book preparation
  • Image correction
  • Setting up accounts with Amazon and other retailers
  • Getting your books live
  • Finding distributors
  • Marketing advice

We make it easy: if we can help you out with just a ten-minute phone call or a quick email, we won't turn it into a big, complicated job.

"We are a great team! I am so grateful and appreciative.  Truly, you are magnificent!"
Audrye S. Arbe